What it's all about! August 14, 2015 10:58

With a brand new album on the way, this seemed like the right time to launch my store... for so long I've been wanting to offer downloadable music both at full quality CD resolution and at ultra-high resolution. Seems so silly that we craft amazing pieces of work using hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of the finest equipment only to reduce it all down to a nasty, lossy mp3! With broadband speeds increasing and hard drives and device storage growing in capacity all the time, there's no reason not to offer higher quality versions. So here you'll fins my work and that of other artists I've produced and worked with available in a range of formats including CD and vinyl, plus 2 resolutions of mp3, full CD-quality WAV and wherever possible, ultra-high definition as 24-bit, 88.2kHz WAVs. We'll also be including the CD artwork and booklets as PDFs with these downloads so you won't miss out!

Look out too for exclusive deluxe editions of some items which include bonus tracks, wonderful artwork and multiple formats such as vinyl and CD packages.

Along with all of this, from time to time you will find music videos, the occasional instrument or piece of studio equipment for sale and a range of merchandise including T-Shirts, guitar picks and much more.

Buying from us direct also ensures that the artists themselves receive more than they would from other on-line stores - which helps us all to keep on making great music for you to enjoy!

Finally, whenever you buy a physical product from Harvey Summers Music, you'll always receive a surprise bonus item for free too - exclusive to this store.

Thanks all for your continued support and check back regularly for updates, my new album featuring the incredibly gifted Laura Cole will be released soon!

Your humble troubadour, Harvey. X