What's in your closet? September 14, 2015 18:15

Big week for me with the release of 'Skeletons', the first single from my forthcoming album 'Human' featuring Laura Cole who not only lends her remarkable vocals to many of the songs, but co-wrote several too along with her bass player partner Chris Chiarcos and myself. The record explores the meaning of 'human' in today's ever changing, constantly shifting society - the subject of A.I. being increasingly present in popular media, TV Shows, movies and the like. Moral issues aside, what it actually means to be 'human' could indeed become something of a grey area and sooner than you might think.

Rather than pontificate on the subtleties of our inspiration on this record, I simply ask that you check out the single and if you like what you hear, it's available in many formats and you can also pre-order the album (due for release in November) which also bags you a nice little bunch of extra goodies including wallpapers, all formats of the single and you'll receive your copy of the album a week before it officially goes on sale. Supporting our efforts in this way means the world to us and also enables us to keep on making great music. I believe strongly that the independent music scene has never been more vibrant and full of extraordinary talent, while the majors flounder with bubblegum pop and a variety of other 'nonsense'! If it's real music you're after, you're in the right place! Over the coming weeks and months, I'll be adding more material to the shop including work from long-time friend and collaborator, John Pearson, the single and later on album, 'The Other Sun', I had the pleasure of making with Ellie Ford (truly a beautiful piece of work), and much more besides.

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Have a good one folks, and please keep on spreading the word about our new single!

Peace, love, music and light,

Harvey. x

Zen and the Art of Music Consumption August 29, 2015 16:25

If you're as old and weird as I am, you might have once read Robert Persig's seminal book, "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance". If you haven't, you should! It's a real page turner although the dissertation on the subjective meaning of 'quality' does get a tad stodgy at times. Nonetheless, it's as valid a discussion as ever these days, especially when it comes to listening to music. Time was when your pals would brag about their new hi-fi, their new set of earthquake inducing speakers or the hallucinogenic sonics of Pink Floyd's latest record. People would sit together in a room and ritualistically listen to entire albums from start to finish, some would even continue to discuss the record afterwards!

These days however the quality of the music we listen to, both artistically and technically, seems in the mainstream anyway to have gone the way of the dodo bird. I've been told many times that the popular consensus is that as long as it's cheap or ideally, free and of a small enough file size to fit on the latest iNose-ring, nobody really cares about quality. To me as a musician, record producer and sound engineer, this is a tragedy. We slave for many hot months distilling out art into finely honed nuggets of aural deliciousness, often using tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of equipment, vintage valve mics etc, etc in the process, only to have it all reduced to a nasty sounding washy, grainy mp3 which will be listened to on little white earbuds with retarded frequency response and all the dynamic range of a pencil sharpener. In fact, you might as well stick that sharpened pencil in your ear. The results will be more emotionally evocative I can assure you.

Indeed the audiophile listener has been relegated to the most distant fringes of the now supposedly en-vogue nerd collective. And there's an ironic madness to it all, internet speeds are faster than ever, storage space cheaper than ever yet still most music is purchased in horrible compressed formats. At best, the diminishing CD format is still delivering quality far inferior to that at which music is recorded in the studio. There has been little progress in this area at all, CD's are a 30-year old technology and rather than building on it and delivering higher quality formats to the consumer as is the case with TV and movies, we take a giant leap backwards into the shady realms of the mp3 instead. It's easy to see how this happened during the early days of online commerce but surely it's now time to set a new standard?

For these reasons I'm hoping for a revolution and that we're not breeding a generation who have no idea how good something can sound, who've never heard real depth and warmth in a recording or felt goosebumps from the broad dynamics of a well presented crescendo. So here, I am attempting to do my bit, 24-bit to be precise and when possible, at 88.2kHz (twice the sample rate of a CD). I'm calling it 'Super High Definition Audio' because comparatively that's exactly what it is. At the very least, when limited by the format of the original masters, I'm offering full CD quality downloads in WAV format. You also get the mp3 options because there are some with old devices and limited storage space or who genuinely have no desire for any of this. But there is one thing I will insist upon which is that here we don't sell individual tracks unless they have been released as a single. You can buy an album or a single because that was the intent of the artist. An album has a flow and aesthetic all of it's own and to sell it piecemeal, in little easily digestible chunks is something akin to buying a print of the Mona Lisa's bottom lip as that's the bit you like best. If after all of that, you still want track 7 only and you really don't care about the quality or artistic intentions, then I'm sure iTunes will look after you just fine.

Viva la revolution! And feel free to drop us a line with your thoughts on the subject - I'm sure there will be some interesting opinions.

Thanks for reading and happy listening!


Peace, love, music,

Harvey. X

What it's all about! August 14, 2015 10:58

With a brand new album on the way, this seemed like the right time to launch my store... for so long I've been wanting to offer downloadable music both at full quality CD resolution and at ultra-high resolution. Seems so silly that we craft amazing pieces of work using hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of the finest equipment only to reduce it all down to a nasty, lossy mp3! With broadband speeds increasing and hard drives and device storage growing in capacity all the time, there's no reason not to offer higher quality versions. So here you'll fins my work and that of other artists I've produced and worked with available in a range of formats including CD and vinyl, plus 2 resolutions of mp3, full CD-quality WAV and wherever possible, ultra-high definition as 24-bit, 88.2kHz WAVs. We'll also be including the CD artwork and booklets as PDFs with these downloads so you won't miss out!

Look out too for exclusive deluxe editions of some items which include bonus tracks, wonderful artwork and multiple formats such as vinyl and CD packages.

Along with all of this, from time to time you will find music videos, the occasional instrument or piece of studio equipment for sale and a range of merchandise including T-Shirts, guitar picks and much more.

Buying from us direct also ensures that the artists themselves receive more than they would from other on-line stores - which helps us all to keep on making great music for you to enjoy!

Finally, whenever you buy a physical product from Harvey Summers Music, you'll always receive a surprise bonus item for free too - exclusive to this store.

Thanks all for your continued support and check back regularly for updates, my new album featuring the incredibly gifted Laura Cole will be released soon!

Your humble troubadour, Harvey. X