Reiki - Invisible Healing | Harvey Summers


A sonorous work from Harvey, 'Invisible Healing' has been a hit within the Reiko community, many Reiki masters have recommended this album as being the perfect accompaniment to their sessions.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese word for universal life energy. This energy is also known as 'Ki' (Which means the same as Chi in Chinese), 'Prana' in sanskrit and 'Ti' or 'Ki' in Hawaiian. Reiki, a gental hands on healing art, provides an easy way to access healing energy. It is a powerful method which helps our bodies, minds and spirits to heal. This album of specially composed meditative music reaches out and touches your inner spirit helping ypu to embrace the fundamental Reiki principles - Just for today: let go of anger and worry, count your many blessings and be kind to every living creature.

Currently available on CD only. Nearly out of stock.

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