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To the moon and back in 56 minutes! We have Lift-off!

The beautiful, uplifting, cinematic new album from Harvey Summers will soon be available! Inspired by the moon landings of the late '60's and Harvey's own childhood imagined journey to the moon, this seemless blend of cinematic orchestration and vintage synthesisers takes the listener on an emotional journey as it explores how those brave, pioneering astronauts must have felt on their extraordinary voyage.

Listen to this 3 min preview now!

As stylistically broad as it is emotionally deep, from meditative ambient pieces like "Spacewalk" and "The Void", through the uplifting electronica of "Earth Rising" and "Telemetry" to the epic, emotional "The Journey Home", moon is a truly captivating listening experience signalling Harvey's welcome return to his instrumental roots.

We have just 10 copies of the promo Deluxe CD available to order in UK only* and includes a beautiful 16-page booklet in a quality, glossy digipak case. 

The album will soon be available to purchase worldwide from your favourite stores, big news coming soon!




Inside back cover of bookelt

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