jupiter | harvey summers


Harvey's stunning solo work Jupiter, released to critical acclaim in 2013 available on CD or as hi-res digital download with PDF booklet.


..."Treat to know you and enjoy the time with you, exciting new collection too Harvey...real
instruments !!! what next ???
Wishing you success with "Jupiter", love it! Evocative and absorbing and a treat to hear true
"Production" embracing your composition....best to you as ever..."
                                                            Danny Thompson –  double bassist.

..."Hello Friends, Please take the time to check out the new release "Jupiter" from my dear
friend Harvey Summers. It is truly worth your while... Something I highly recommend and
listen to myself.

Harvey is not only a fine musician and composer but a wonderful Engineer/producer /

amateur philosopher / Studio Troll / Alien-Human Hybrid and owner of (broadoakstudio.com)
in the UK!

So check him out, Tell him I sent you...And listen for the sounds as beads of sweat roll down
the back of his neck as Harvey knows... I am no hybrid but of full alien descent.... Fear the
power of my fusion licks! Cheers, Bobby..."
                                                            Bobby Eichorn – guitarist – Richard Thompson Band.

making of jupiter documentary:

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