bon hiver | harvey summers


CD edition is a Limited edition, 1 of only 100 copies ever made from the album Jupiter, released November 2010. It features a nice instrumental remix as a B-Side!


Here are a few reviews:

..."A mood capturing recording that I just keep playing again and again. An excellent piece of work by this artist"...                                         - Dave Nemo – iTunes review

..."I love Harvey’s work. This new single had a magical sound. I can’t wait for the album..."
                                                                                       - Moog303 – iTunes review

..."While Harvey Summers has been around a long time now as a recording artist, it is only in recent years he has decided to turn his hand to producing more vocal and songs related albums. Summers has sold over a million records in his time while essentially choosing to remain out of the public eye himself. His chill-out, new age and Feng Shui albums are still hugely popular and so for some of his fans a move toward more mainstream material has been challenging...
Taken from the album 'Jupiter' one listen to 'Bon Hiver' however should be enough to dispel any fears one might have, for, using all his skill as a composer and musician, Harvey has created the perfect soundtrack to winter. Hauntingly beautiful, with its plaintive piano stabs and organic musical sounds the song shimmers with sensitivity and nostalgia as if a cobweb hanging to a holly bush on a wet and snowy morning. Summers tuneful, understated vocals have a whisper like quality to them and so, once immersed in your dream like state, it becomes easy to feel as if the words to the song are being blown gently towards you by the wind. Completing the effect, wistful lyrics connect the listener to personal memories of winter, fun, mystery and magic...
I think there's a good chance that 'Bon Hiver' will provide Harvey Summers with his first U.K. hit under his own name. Already racing up the pre-release charts on itunes, the song could easily take off and fans of Badly Drawn Boy in particular should investigate this. As for the instrumental remix, its every bit as engaging and dreamlike as the vocal version. Well worth purchasing on its own, it is to me as if the logical continuation to the wonderful dream that is the A Side.
Watch out for Harvey Summers - I think we are going to be hearing a lot more from him from now on"...
                                                                - Antony May – Amazon Top 500 reviewer

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